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Dear Friends,

Advent is approaching (Sunday, December 1!). Those who spend time with me around the holidays know that I revel in contemplative, melancholy advent hymns. If you’re so inclined, then, here is my Advent playlist from lastyear. As we exit ordinary time into the time of expectation and hope, be blessed.

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The last word: He said he was leaving. She ignored him.

It takes a lot, sometimes, to treat a child like a child, and not engage in fights that are more about a person wanting to prove something to themselves than any actual transgression.  Reading this article, I felt myself losing patience with this woman’s husband as I read their conversation, and being struck by the patience and poise she was able to maintain while he did exactly what she thought he would do.  

This is a tale of immense courage and patience and love.  I’m reminded of Christ’s parable of the Prodigal Son, though this tells a slightly different tale.  The love of God is wise enough to know when we are being children, and steadfast enough to bear with us in our tantrums, or wait for our return, no matter how long it takes.

"Many have argued that the world’s problems may be ultimately ‘spiritual’ in nature, and much of the population, atheists and believers alike, claim to have a spiritual dimension to their lives. But what do we really mean by the spiritual?"


Stanley Hauerwas on "How to write a theological sentence"

"I think the attempt to reduce Christianity to "the essentials" results in expressions of the faith, a kind of writing, that cannot help but underwrite the sentimentalities of our culture. Thus the wide-spread presumption expressed in inelegant sentences such as "God is love" or "I believe that Jesus is Lord, but that is just my personal opinion." Such sentences could only be produced when the simple complexity of the narrative that makes us Christians has been left behind. What we need to say theologically is that the truth is in the details, and it is the details that produce sentences that matter."

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